People from as far away as Louisiana, Texas and Iowa--as well as from closer-by New Hampshire, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio--plus Virginia, of course, heard the therapy dog presentation that I helped to make with Ms. Lucinda Miller who co-authored the just-introduced 4-H PenPALS curriculum.  Oh what a day it was!   Watch for the downloadable PowerPoint presentation at

     It seemed as if a whole floor of the Marriott Hotel was turned over to registration for the 4-H people who'd come from all across the country to their 100th-yr. celebration.
     When we registered as participants in the Therapy Dog presentation, we discovered that dogs aren' t usually allowed in the Marriott but it was okay for us to be there since we are licensed therapy dogs.  Winnie & I helped Ms. Lucinda Miller, Ohio State University co-author of the new 4-H therapy dog curriculum, PetPALS, with our VPI Veterinarian friend, Dr. Marie Suthers-McCabe, with the program.
     When the lights went down for the PowerPoint show, Winnie went to sleep.  However, I found a great place to watch it from the middle of the center aisle of the room--and I stayed tuned in to the whole thing!
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