Check DonationMickey delivers first check to SPCA

 Mickey Nock, the Onancock Boston terrier who wrote the book "A Boston's World," has delivered his first check to the SPCA-Eastern Shore. Llewellyn Allison(left), SPCA president and Lark Smith, SPCA treasurer, were pleased to accept the check, as Mickey made good on his promise to donate a portion of the proceeds of his book's sales to help other four-legged friends. Mickey also sent a check to the Boston Terrier Club of America's Rescue Operation, a nationwide  effort to save and find good homes for Boston terriers that have been abandoned or taken to shelters.  More donations will follow as the book sales continue worldwide. The book has recently received attention with a book review in Good Dog! magazine and a brief "plug" in the "Nose for Books" column in Dog Fancy magazine. "We're very pleased to be beneficiaries of Mickey's generosity and the success of his book," said Allison. "The book is a delightful view of Mickey's world, and at this time of year it would make a great Valentine gift that helps two good causes."

Boston T. PartyBoston T. Party

New local author, Mickey is doggone unusual This was the very first book signing party I ever had. The reception was held on the deck on the waterfront in Onancock at Hopkins & Bro. Store. What made this party unusual was the author. Mickey is a Boston terrier owned by his agent, Anne Nock, (author of "Child of the Bay"), and they are neighbors of Hopkins & Bro. Store. Mickey recently published his first book, "A Boston's World," about life from his point of view. The reception gave friends and local dog lovers a chance to meet Mickey and pick up copies of his book, complete with his paw print. Over 100 people shared in the fun and brought their own dogs along for the festivities.  The guests came in all sizes, shapes,  and colors. Some were black, some were white, some were brown, and one was even white with black spots! Some were shaggy and some were neat, some had tails and some had none. the tiniest guest was only seven weeks old and the largest was the size of a small horse. The guest of honor, Mickey Nock, was neatly dressed in black and white and he greeted each of his guests as they arrived. After a busy afternoon of signing books and answering questions, Mickey and sister, Winnie (A Boston, too), scampered back across the street to their yard to play ball. All in attendance agreed this ought to be only the first of many "dog friendly" events as everyone enjoyed meeting new friends, the two-legged as well as four-legged varieties.

ohn B. Dey ElementaryMickey & Winnie Go to School

On January 26, 1999, leading Canine-American author, Mickey & Winnie visited Mrs. Tracy LoAlbo and her second grade class at John B. Dey Elementary School in Virginia Beach to discuss writing techniques with the students.

Barnes & NobleBarnes & Noble Pawtograph Session

Barnes & Noble welcomed Mickey, for the most up-scale pawtographing time we've has so far.

I pawtographed until I could not pawtograph any more. But it was exciting seeing all those people.

Before it was all over Winnie & I had a wonderful time meeting the many people who came, kids and grownups alike.

Live RemoteLive With Ron Jakubec at Quality Camera

A pawtograph party held at Quality Camera and Photo Imaging in Norfolk's historic Ghent included a live remote broadcast with Ron Jakubec of EZ 94.

Free bagels and coffee were provided by our friends at Bagelworks.

A balloon animal entertainer added to the fun! Thanks, Quality Camera , Ron, EZ 94, and Bagelworks!

Mickey at the Book Bin

Looking at the store
Mrs. Snyder, co-owner of the Book Bin, loves dogs - you can tell from the picture!

From our perch on a table at the Book Bin last winter, we could look around in the store much better than from our usual vantage point on the floor.

Before being placed on the table we could not see the people until they were standing in front of us now we can see them as they are walking over to see us. There is just so much more to see from here!

HAVE A BALL! Roll over the balls to see where they go.
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