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I guess I owe you a background. Vita Whittome has my background until I arrived at my present home a year ago with my friends, the Bonnefond's. I'm a black, 45 lb., 6 year-old, Chow-Chow about 20 inches at the shoulders with the pedigree Chow-Chow black tongue.

Strong Points: - Hostess, meeting and greeting visitors; Security guard while pretending to be asleep.

Hobbies:  - Riding in the foot well of the truck; surveying my yard from the deck.

Likes: - Going for rides; chasing everything.

Dislikes: - Thunder, loud noises, sneezes.

History: About 3 years ago my Master was driving north on Route 13 in his RV and stopped at the picnic stop just south of Exmore, VA. He tied me to the rear of the RV and when he started north again, he forgot I was tied to the back. After a mile, he was finally pulled over.  Everything is kind of blurry after that. A veterinarian, Dr. Betz, estimated what it would cost to repair the damage, especially to the tendons in my legs. I guess the skin and muscle was torn so they were visible. Apparently, my Master decided I was not worth the cost and abandoned me. Fortunately for me, Dr. Betz, Vicki Savage (Vet Tech) and an apprentice vet student provided the necessary care and surgery to repair most of the damage. Vicki nursed me back to health and found me a home with a young lady who soon tied me up outside in the sun without water and forgot me for the weekend. Vicki retrieved me and found my new friends, Duncan and Alan Whittome of Metompkin Farm. I was on a 50 acre farm with 4 horses, 2 mules, 5 cats and 5 dogs!! Free to roam!! Two squares a day, medicines, and a very comfortable environment, indoor and out. But most of  all, care and love. Unfortunately I stuck my nose down a beehive and almost met my maker. But again my friends saved me. I became the leader of the pack (eventually), although Vita never conceded that.

UPDATE: A year ago, I joined my current friends, Pat and Lou Bonnefond in Eastville, VA. I stay warm and cool as the seasons change, go for leash walks, and many rides in the well of the truck. I am served breakfast and dinner with many biscuits during the day and have gained a little weight. Since I don't like to jump from the truck onto the gravel, Lou carries me onto the porch! I have 3 sleeping bags, 1 dog bed, 3 sofas, and a cool tiled powder room for sleeping on hot days. I am unhappy that I can't chase the rabbits I see or the cat, Frankie, or Sandy, the next door dog. I did escape one day going to the truck and treed the cat, Frankie! I am very conservative in expressing my feelings - like all Chow-Chows, you know. Sometimes my legs bother me and I stare at them, but don't know what is happening. But I'm doing well and know we are family. Pat tells me that.  

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