"LapDog Therapy" is a very special book written by me, Mickey C.G.C., T.D.I, Canine-American Author and real live Boston Terrier! (not your average Boston Terrier) with assistance from Anne B. Nock.

Ever since my owners gave me access to a computer, I've enjoyed writing.  Now with my newest book "LapDog Therapy" all dogs can have this guidance. This book brings out the best in all dogs.  To help others, what more can a dog ask for.  It doesn't take much more than a bit of hard work and lots of love to become a therapy dog.  First you need some wonderful teachers to help you become certified with Therapy Dogs International, Inc., and becoming a Canine Good Citizen.  We have found that school was well worth the effort.  There is so much to learn so we would not hurt one of the participants.  

All in all, I love being a therapy dog even though it's strenuous work for Winnie and me to be on our toes every minute we are making our rounds. We can give therapy our full attention for about an hour or or hour-and-a-half max. After that, we get on edge if we can't call it a day. To decompress, we simply cut up and act silly for a little while or race around or play ball. This always helps us settle down enough to level out and look forward to whatever comes up next.
A few comments about LapDog Therapy:
Mickey teases out the important part of relationships.
Maureen Dooley

Reading this book makes me want to choose a retirement home that offers pet therapy.
Betty Kerns

I don't even own a dog, and this book held my interest from start to finish.
Sue Chandler

A cozy book!
Ethel Layton

The book is a bridge to understanding relationships between dogs and humans.
Gertrude Gunther

Mickey has done a splendid job with this book. It engages, informs, and tugs at the heartstrings.
Miles Barnes

A wonderful book, "A Boston's World", that's fun and interesting, too. There's also a little bit of blank verse from my playmate Winnie, as well as many insights on life as we see it and word or two about me from my owner. Click here to see what some dog readers and people readers say about it.
Want more? I hope so, because you'll find much, much more in my book.  I could go on and on about it, but instead, I'll just tell you that you can find out how to get your copy or copies for your dog-loving friends by clicking on this link: Get Your Copy, or using one of the links below..

"A Boston's World"
also includes some blank verse from my "sister", Winnie and a few words about me from my owner. Find out more about Winnie on my Winnie and Me page.


A few excerpts:

"Where's Winnie?"
She's fast as an energized flea,
She zips like a charged bumblebee
To hide underneath -
A chair, or beneath -
A ruffle or bed canopy...

"Bird Watching"
I look at the birds by the hour
A-flitting from bower to bower
They fly where they please -
With absolute ease -
Enjoying their natural power...

"A Boston's Domain"
...A ball can be any old size,
A real one or one improvised,
The game is the same -
A Boston's domain -
Is running and catching the prize!


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