Relay For Life, 2003
2003 dog team raises $11,257 for Cancer Research

Boston Terrier Club of Maryland, Inc and Boston Terrier Club of America, Inc.

Call of The Wild Eastminster Fun Dog Show
Please join Mickey and his friends in the fight against cancer for the sake of all creatures!

Relay For Life teams from all around our great Country will race to raise money for the American Cancer Society, to help in the fight against this terrible disease.

Mickey and his friends are asking humans and dogs to come together to help, with the Great Cancer Chase!  Please read on to find out how you can contribute to this important cause.

The Relay For Life is a Team
A down-to earth working routine
Designed to stop cancer -
By working to answer -
The questions that lurk. It's a dream!

The dream's made of teams far and wide
Whose efforts are tuned to provide
The researchers funds -
SO all the teams run -
They race to raise money - with pride.

I'm late jumping in because I
Just now grasp that pie in the sky
Could be realized -
If DOGS organize -
To add to the money supply.

So dogs of the worlds, let's unite.
Let's join in the ultimate fight.
Please sniff out some funds -
Be adventuresome -
In locating money outright,

Just send what you raise to my team
If that is the manner that seems
Convenient for you -
Or give to a crew -
That's working near you on the dream.

Let's bite the old bullet. hold tight,
Let's shake it with all of our might,
Then rip it to death -
Let's zonk Cancer's breath -
Extinguish forever it's bite!

A Message from Mickey, Cancer Survivor

It's a blow when you hear your veterinarian say, "Mickey, it's cancer."  It knocked the wind out of my sails.  But lucky for me, Dr. Paula Cameron scheduled surgery the very next day after the pathology report came in.  At least I didn't have to wait a long time for surgery. We're almost sure she was able to remove the whole thing, but the  procedure set me back for several weeks.  A five-inch incision is not to be sneezed at when you weigh only12 lbs.  

Before that, I was sympathetic to any person or dog who had cancer, but I didn't feel fighting mad to do something about.   However, Dr. Cameron's words hit me in a way that made me resolve to help stop the cancer monster's rampage.
My big chance came this week when I was asked to be on the Eastern Shore Relay For Life 2001 team. I jumped at the opportunity.  Maybe I could enlist dog friends and dog-lover friends to give money for cancer research. After all, that's the only way we'll ever get rid of cancer. Although this Relay For Life effort benefits humans instead of dogs, the same findings will help animals in the long run. Research, research, research. That's what will turn up the answers. 
There's not time before September 8 when the 2001 Shore Relay For Life drive comes to a close for me to work out a live walking dog relay. Instead, we'll settle for asking dog lovers to dig deep in their pockets for cancer donations in memory of or in honor of loved ones.  Next year, we'll have a bone-afied dog walk.  Meanwhile, I'm  asking Internet visitors to respond to their own Relay For Life races or to the Shore's Relay For Life by September 8th..
Please write your check to Relay For Life and send to Paula Belote, P. O. Box 894, Parksley, VA 23421. On the bottom corner of the check or on the envelope, denote "Great Cancer Dog Chase."  If people and dogs join hands and paws, we can lick cancer!


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