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Master Clyde Kerns was born December 18, 1995 somewhere near Leemont, Virginia in Accomack County.  His mother was a Labrador Retriever, but his father remains a mystery.  There has been a lot of speculation as to who his father might have been since Clyde and his sister Bonnie are taller and leaner than your standard Lab.

Clyde arrived at the SPCA-Eastern Shore at approximately six weeks of age.  The Shelter manager knew that Bob and Betty Kerns had recently lost their Lab of 16 years, and thought they might have an interest in the new arrival.  One look, and Bob and Betty were soon to be the parents of the brother and sister team they nammes Bonnnie and Clyde.  Their first weeks were rather traumatic for all concerned since both puppies contracted parvo virus.  However, being the touch guy and tenacious girl that they are, they both pulled through.

Clyde loves to be silly, goes crazy over new smells, delights in running through fields of corn wheat and soybeans, and most of the time tolerates his sister who can be somewhat pushy at times.  His very best favorite past time is riding the roads in the family SUV,

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