ISSUE: Christmas Wishes
Lucille Writes:
Dear Mickey,
    The past week my folks have gone wacky again and brought a tree right inside the house. As the days go by the humans run around like mad putting things on that tree and putting lots of stuff in envelopes and licking those envelopes just like dogs! It's really a curious thing to watch. My humans go out for long periods of time and bring back bags and bags of stuff which they then sit down and wrap more paper around and shove under that tree inside the house. All of this activity gives me more time to think...
    As I reflect I can recall a time not so long ago, when I didn't have a family to call my own. I had never seen the inside of a house, much less owned one and the human contact I had was not kind. I grew accustomed to being hit and yelled at. My zest for life was punished severely. There was a constant hungry ache in my tummy. Many times I felt so all alone and wondered why I was here.
    Then one day I was taken from all of that to my family who loves me. I learned that human hands are not for hitting but for caressing and petting. I heard  human voices soft and low telling me again and again how very special I am. I found dignity in eating clean food from a dish and having my body clean. I put on alot of weight and forgot what it feels like to be hungry. I'm never alone, I am the joy of my family and I now know why I am here. I was placed here in this family to share love. This has been a long journey, I have had much to learn but love is worth it all.
    Mickey, this is my wish for animals everywhere, at Christmas and everyday throughout the be loved, cherished and cared for with dignity.
    As you know Mickey, I rarely am this serious but I wondered if maybe some of the other members of the think tank may have Christmas wishes too.
    This is just a thought and maybe a bit off. Keep me posted. All this typing, I need a nap and I'm off to see if I can score another biscuit. If you suck in your breath you actually look skinny and sometimes you get an "extra". Just don't let them see you let the air out! 
Hi Mickey,
    Our wishes are also for a warm home, good food, and a loving family for all dogs, cats and other pets.
    My first home, after leaving the breeder, was not a good one either - oh, there was good food because I was a show dog but not a good loving home. They were even going to put me down when I didn't do what they wanted but fortunately, my breeder was able to get me back and then I went to my present family who also had my sister Sandy and now I sleep with my family in their warm soft bed.
    We have lots of decorations here too. Our Mom decorates every room because Christmas is a joyous occasion we just have to keep Guy away from everything. But he's just a pup and this is his first Christmas so he'll learn to just look and wonder at all the lights and shinny ornaments. We also wish peace, not just for all the animals, but for our human families too, everywhere they are. May God's love and peace shine down on everyone.
Merry Christmas
Mayu, Kiri and the pups.

Hi Mickey
    I guess this year my most important wish would be for peace, of course, and an end to this horrible terrorism. I'd also like to wish a very merry holiday to all those brave rescue dogs
    But, since I'm a dog, my most pressing desires include food, a new ball, food, perhaps a new fluffy toy, and food. And of course big belly rubs and lots of ear-scratches to all my canine friends.
Your friend in Canada,

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