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I, Miss Elizabeth Jamieson Carmichael Walker (Jamie), was born on February 5, 1999 in Mappsburg VA. I was located by my Mom in a newspaper ad. Mom was on the rebound from the untimely death of her Schipperke and it was love at first sight when she saw me. And so I came to live in Accomac VA, 15 miles north of my birthplace. I am very beautiful and from a registered litter. I am her first hound and with the Basset reputation for being "laid back" should have been the perfect dog for an older person. A year later, despairing of keeping me entertained, Mom followed the advise of friends and got me a companion from the Basset rescue. Gin-gin is a year older than I and not as pretty, but smart and very much the sedate lady. We get along just fine and enjoy all the same things, food, walks, bones, romping and sleeping in the sun spots on the living room rug. We all sleep in the same bed at night and are a very happy ménage a trois. Our town has a splendid 4th of July parade with as many dogs as people participating. Gin-gin and I get to walk in it, which is the highlight of our year, with treats on the courthouse green afterwards. Please come to the parade next year and bring your cameras. If you want to meet us, we live across the street from the library. It is an honor to be a member of the Think Tank and I take my duties seriously.
Yours truly, Jamie  
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