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I am an Eastern Shore of Virginia dog born and bred in Accomac on John Kiser's farm from a pair of his Jack Russells. We were seldom penned. What fun we had scuffling and running all around. He would take us to the pond to feed the swans and have a little swim. I think, though, there were so many of us that he had to share, and I came to live in town with my Mom. It's a pretty good house with low windows so I can keep an eye on things outside and small enough that I can also keep an eye on my Mom.  Sometimes she calls me "Little Shadow." I wonder what that is.

I guess I do the regular JR things like sleep under the covers and kiss my Mom awake (though now there's a rooster in the neighborhood so she wakes up sometimes before me), dig holes especially for moles (I've gotten only 3), run like the wind we love to go to the school grounds or my aunties or the woods - FREEDOM!  And at home I play hide-and-seek and find-the-treat with my Mom. As you know, Mickey, I am a busy bee and pretty frisky so right now probably I wouldn't make a very tolerable therapy dog like you, but maybe when I'm older.  Actually, you would find it hard to believe, I know, but I really am a cuddle bug, too.

What would we do without tennis balls? My favorites are a plastic canister of three. I take the top off and watch them scatter everywhere. If we have company, a few loud crunches on the canister gets their attention. I guess my real favorite is the squeaky hamburger great for fetching and tossing around. Once when my mom and friends were playing string quartets here, I decided to join in with my hamburger squeaky very loudly and right in the midst of everything, out of tune of course, and nearly sending Dr. Dundon through the ceiling.

Time to take my Mom for a walk.  Woof - woof!

HAVE A BALL! Roll over the balls to see where they go.
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