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I'm a brindle and white Basenj and I was born in 1998 on a blueberry farm in New Milford, Pa. Basenjs are from Africa and they're sometimes called the barkless dog.  We can bark but only as a warning if we think there is danger near by. We do "talk" though, and Mom & Dad find our sounds very interesting. My father's parents were imported from Africa so I'm not too distant from the native Basenjis there. When I first came to my family as a little pup, I had never seen or heard any other dog except my own kind, so when all the neighboring dogs started barking during our nightly walks, I thought there must be a lot of danger around and would hide behind Mom.  I've won a few ribbons at the shows, but I don't think I'm cut out to be a show dog. Although everyone says I'm very pretty some of the dogs at the shows are not very friendly and act like they are going to eat me up. One time I thought I saw a lion at the ring next to ours and I wanted to get away from there fast, but Mom said it was just a dog called a poodle. I think we all should get along and be nice to each other. Mom calls me her "kind and gentle baby" and the name Kiramu means kind and gentle. Now I have two puppies to play with and we have a lot of fun running and playing. I like being part of the Think Tank too.
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