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I was born in Greensburg, 1993 in a very caring home. When I was 8 weeks old, I went to a family that showed dogs, so I became a show dog too. My Dad was named Akuba's Tornado and he was a champion and took Best of Breed at the big show in New York, the Westminster Dog Show. Maybe my family expected too much, I'm not sure. I did win a lot of ribbons but we didn't get along very well so after some negotiations my breeder took me back home. Then the family that had my sister Sandy, called and asked if they could have me too.  My breeder said YES, because they liked this family very much so I came to live here with Sandy and we went to shows together. Then, on day, while my family was away and we were staying with our human brother Dave, Sandy went away. Mom said she died but I don't understand that word so, for a long time, I kept looking for her everywhere we went. We Basenjis have a very long memory. Three years ago, Mom & Dad brought home Kiri, when she was just a little pup, to keep me company and to go to the shows with me. Between Kiri and the two puppies Mom & Dad brought home last year, I'm too busy teaching them how to behave to think about Sandy. They can be so exasperating. They are show dogs too and will probably win more ribbons than I did. That's OK, I'm ready to just curl up on the sofa and sleep now, when we're not working on a Think Tank topic.
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