As most of you know by now, my final decision was NOT to run for President in 2000.  Check below for my reasons. Thanks to all of you who offered your support in so many ways.

Insofar as my cabinet is concerned, I felt it would be an incredible  waste of  energy and talents if we were to simply dissolve this group. After consultations, we decided to offer our services as an advisory board for the new president­and for any worthy person or group that could benefit from the thinking of our unusually well-qualified canine board. You can now find the group on my Think Tank page.

I feel there is such a phenomenal potential in our cabinet as assembled that we will be able to act as a sounding board, an advisory board of sorts, to offer well-grounded comment on important issues as they come to light from time to time. I am confident the new president, whoever he is, will welcome our counsel.

As always, we would welcome any comments or suggestions from the viewers of this site. Please email your thoughts to  Meanwhile, as usual, keep an eye on my site for news. See you soon!



The reasons for my decision include:
  1. Although it is true I have the hat for the job, it has become evident I would need at least 50 different hats, maybe more, for the presidential post.  Frankly, I think it would be ridiculous to spend so much on a hat wardrobe.  In fact, I am not willing to do so.
  2. I play a great game of ball, but I must admit I could never play 100 games of ball at one time and do justice to each game.  On this issue alone, I cannot, with a clear conscience, run.
  3. We would lose much of the quality time we now devote to taking daytime naps in warm rays of sun.
  4. We would lose most of our "idle/alert" time such as when we watch squirrels playing in the treetops or rabbits hopping hither and yon.
  5. We would have to spend long hours traveling far and wide.  Because of the unacceptable conditions now existing with most airlines, this would be a particular hardship on Lucille, Winston and Johnny Reb.
  6. In the same vein, living out of suitcases­that is, upon sniffing out a decent motel that accepts dogs­would get old in short order.  However you look at it, a certain number of conventions would be necessary although we could conduct much of our business via email.
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