Lucille Krystal Violin Gowan 1995-2004

This morning, April 11th Lucilles 9th birthday, Lucille passed away about 10 o'clock in the morning.  Lucille had been ill and in & out of the vet all weekend.  Lucille died peacefully in her mothers arms from a brain tumor.


Lucille was born to an AKC registered Boston Terrier in California.  Her human mother passed away when Lucille was a tiny baby and no papers were ever filled.  Lucille spent the next four years of her life from home to home four in all.  In these homes sadly, Lucille was abused, neglected, beaten and somewhere along the line her spine was broken and left to heal as best it could.  During these years it was Lucilles spunky spirit and deep faith that God would help her that kept her going and gave her the courage to keep trying.


Finally, at the age of four Lucille came forever home.  We had been praying for months that God would find us a little dog to love.  Lucille was wild, frightened, malnourished and underdeveloped.  She came bounding into our hearts. Lucille always had the heart of a lion.  The first day she just ran on the white carpet until her little feet bled.  When I finally caught her I could feel her little heart pounding like a drum.  I would swaddle her in baby blankets and rock her in the rocking chair, telling her over and over how beautiful and special she was and that God made her just for me.  She finished third in her Obedience class.  This really boosted her confidence.  As the days went by her head grew and she began to fill out.  She learned to trust and soon was my little shadow.  Lucille was always a very special child.  She never left my side.  Her favorite position was to be carried with her head on my shoulder like a human baby.  She always listened to me and never told anyone my secrets!


Lucille is survived by her oldest and dearest friend who has mothered and nurtured her, Champion Brandys Million Dollar Baby.  Baby taught Lucille what it meant to love and trust.  Baby was the mama dog that Lucille so longed for and needed.  Through tea parties and long talks Baby taught Lucy to be a lady.


Lucille met Mickey and was asked to be a member of a think tank on the internet for dogs  Lucille has tried to share her story to help people care more for canines everywhere.  Through the think tank Lucille made some very special friends who became her pen pals.  Lucille looked forward to their little chats each day and would sometimes share the funny jokes they told but more often than not she kept her stories private.  Lucille is survived by her boyfriend Mr. Winston Dreyfus of Canada and her dear friend, Miss Vita Whittome.


Lucille often volunteered with Pat Clarke for Pacific Coast Boston Terrier Rescue.  She attended events and made many crafts to benefit BTR.  For a time Lucille even made crafts and sold them on the internet for Boston Terrier Rescue.


In August Lucille got a baby sister.  ElBo Black Eyed Susan or Sweet Suzy as Lucille called her.  The girls loved to walk together with Lucille pulling baby sister along and calling out encouraging words to her.  Suzy and Lucy would wake up and chase one another, scatter all the toys and have such a lovely time together.  The girls liked to cuddle together on the little velvet couch.  Poor little Suzy is lost without Lucy.


Lucille enjoyed painting, writing letters, crochet, working in clay, gardening and quilting.  She loved to ride in the car and we would often take her just around the block to give her a thrill.  Every time we left the house she was ready to go!  She even jumped in the mail truck and begged the mailman for a ride.  (He started carrying cookies!)  Lucille enjoyed swimming off the boat and traveling in an RV.  She was just as comfortable in a fancy hotel.


Thank you for taking the time to read this long story.  I am heartbroken, devastated and lost without my Lucille.  Thank you to everyone of you for showing Lucille kindness and surrounding her with love.



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