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WinstonWinston Writes: Dear Mickey
We just wanted to send a note to let you know that, through the horrible events of the last few days, we have all our American friends in our thoughts and in our prayers. What affects you, our close neighbours and friends, affects us too and may you somehow gain some small strength knowing that Canada, as well as many other nations, are with you.

We have been glued to the television set, watching many different stories unfold.... and amid the many, many tragic and sad tales, there are also those of incredible bravery, patriotism and hope.  Among the courageous rescue workers in New York City there are also many brave dogs working to find survivors, and Zelda and Zoe would like to acknowledge their effort too. Perhaps you might consider posting a tribute to them on your forum? What do you think?



Thanks for your prayers. We are still stunned from all that happened Tuesday. Your thought of doing a tribute to the courageous dogs who are helping in rescue is wonderful. Thank you for thinking of something so wholesome and thoughtful--when I seen to be without thoughts. All the energy I had this week I used up thanking those who contributed to the Great Cancer chase.

Thanks, thanks, thanks, for helping to keep us dogs on the ball.

Dear Lord I ask, for words of encouragement, kind caresses and warm hugs for the rescue dog, searching tirelessly, They take no thought of themselves or of comfort, send the angels to guard the feet of the rescue dogs and keep them safe from harm. Please bless the hand that holds the lead-grant peace and safety to each hero.   Amen.

Dear Mick-  All I can do is pray for them and I guess be really glad I'm lousy with obedience!   Fuzzy Hugs Lucille

MayuKiriMayu and Kiri
Our blessings and prayers for all of the rescue dogs and their human companions. They have all worked so very hard and did their job well, which shows their good training and abilities. We also send our prayers for all the missing pets, and those which are without their human friends now.
Mayu and Kiri

Ground Zero at the WTC has Gin-Gin and me in silent, tearful awe at what we canines can accomplish and contribute. He is our hero. God Bless America. Love, Jamie Walker 


A rescue dog's work goes far beyond anything I can imagine.  Thank you, rescue dogs, one and all, for helping people even in dangerous situations. When I look at this U.S. Navy photo by Journalist 1st Class Keres of the big brave Golden being swung over to his rescue work in a shaky boatswain's chair, I get goosebumps.  I'm so proud of him.  I salute you, big Golden, and every other search-and-rescue dog!

Dear Mickey, Please first my apologies for not writing earlier.  I have been overwhelmed by the events of September 11 and am in awe of what some of our brethren have done. In addition to those "  in uniform "  there was Roselle, the golden retriever seeing eye dog who brought her master from the upper reaches of the WTC down the steps to safety.  And there are also those poor canines  ( probably felines and avians as well )  who have been left homeless and in need of foster care or better adoption.

Do you think that there is anything that we could do to help those canines suffering such a loss:  there is much talk of the people, and help forthcoming, but what about those that do not make the media?  With best regards, yours truly,  Dummy Whittom

LucasLiliLucas & Lili
 Dear Mickey: Our apologies for taking so long in getting back to you.  After coming back from their trip, our Alpha was under the weather and we had to watch over him in order to help our mom. Thankfully, he is much better now. We want to add our voices to yours and those of the other distinguished members of the think tank board in applauding the efforts of our canine brothers in New York.  These guys and girls, working selflessly and courageously  are demonstrating to the world once again that man and dog are a faithful and reliable team, especially when the going is tough and challenging.  We propose a special memorial for our brave canine heroes. Lili and Lucas Johnson


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