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Doggie Quotes

"For anyone who is considering being owned by a dog."      Zelda and Zoe, (Bostons), (Ontario)

"Your book is pure fun to read!"      Josch, (Border collie), (Virginia)

"After reading your book, I think I need a puppy to keep me company."      Cupid, (Boston), (New York)

"What a delightful Book! Mom read us every bit of it before we all went to bed. Buddy couldn't stay awake for the whole thing, but I sure did."      Buddy, Tibbles and Polliwog(Bostons), (Texas)

People Quotes

"The book falls into the category of contemporary Eastern Shore sociology...or maybe canine genealogy. In any case, it's a work for lovers of dogs and the Eastern Shore and the lighter side of life and history."      Barbara Cox, GHOTES

"What fun! Your book is a delight!"      Betty and Dan Johnston

"It's not about Bosnia, the fluctuations of the stock market, or genetic engineering. What A Boston's World is about are the simple pleasures available to dogs and to people. Mickey, Winnie, their family and friends, both bi- and quadruped, remind us how satisfying it is to have a good view, a comfortable chair, and a very small scale adventure every now and again."      Maureen Dooley

"Rrazzy gives her highest pawprint of approval to A Boston's World and encourages all dog lovers to share in Mickey's and Winnie's adventures."      Maxine Hayashi(of Scottie Collectibles)

"We found Mickey to be the most unassuming, modest celebrity we have ever met. He is an inspiration!"      Peggy and Dee Fitch

"Whatever your age, you'll enjoy this Book."      Miles Barnes

"Reading A Boston's World makes you feel good. There is nothing artificial or pretentious about it--it is real!"      Kay Colonna

"If you've never had a dog for a friend before, you will definitely have one in Mickey. You will find his love in his writing and pictures which bring to you a mixture of laughter and tears."      Esther Evans

"The pictures are especially appealing as they generally are not formal but rather provide natural and spontaneous views of dog-dog and dog-human interaction."      Ida Estep, editor Dog Writers Association of America Newsletter

"A Boston's World is a bright little book that shines a light on the daily life of a brainy, limerick-loving Boston Terrier."      Good dog Magazine

"A Boston's World offers soulful musings--in prose and poetry--on everyday life by a real Boston Terrier named Mickey."      Dog Fancy Magazine

"A Boston's World captures the magic and wonder of the moment, which is one of the great gifts dogs give to people. Congratulations on a job well done."      Arthur Vanderbilt II, author of Golden Days

"Finally, a dog's point of view from a dog. Bravo, Mickey!!      Renia Davis, (Virginia)

"Heartwarming, fun and original."

"I really love the way this book is put together. The photos are wonderful, quite colorful and detailed. The poetry is fun and Mickey is very astute in his observations about the world around him. It's a fun read for any dog lover--four paws up!"

"A Boston's World is a surprise in its approach and leaves you wanting more. It is informative while giving you a warm, refreshing feeling of love between pets and their owners. Mickey has done a wonderful job of sharing "a dog's perspective" of the world and gives a wonderful insight into a true, caring relationship between owners and their pets. You forget you are reading from a dog's point of view and think in terms of "humans." Good Job!"

"Mickey spins a great yarn. I bought the book for grandchildren but found I wanted a copy for myself. It is a great book for all ages."

"A Boston's World offers readers old and young, lovers, an offbeat, yet upbeat look inside a canine's mind. Although posing as an "average" dog, Mickey has a talent far from prosaic--turning his thoughts about live into winsome verse in the form of limericks."

"A fun book for anyone who has ever owned or been owned by a dog!"

"A dog's perspective is a good check on our human assumptions, and helps us remember to focus on the moment and the little tings that make life wonderful: friends, games, naps, and snacks!"

"A wonderful illustration of the world as seen through a Boston Terrier's eyes."

"If you've ever wondered how our four-legged friends perceive our lives, this book offers some inspired insights."

"Our family includes my husband and me, four married children and six granddogs. We have all thoroughly enjoyed A boston's World from Mickey's observant perspective. The photos and his descriptions (mainly in verse) are charming. We smiled a lot. We all give it 5 Barks!!"

"This book encompasses all breeds, as it provided me with understanding of why my dog (a LabHusky mix) does the things that she does. The photos are great and the limericks definitely add a personal touch."

"A must read for all dog lovers and an absolute necessity for all Boston aficionados."      Peggy & Dee Fitch, (Virginia)

"Mickey, the Boston poet, gives dog-gerel a good name. A Boston's World is part of the great tradition of talking and writing dogs in literature."      Dr. Dog(aka Douglas Gordon), Professor of English, Christopher Newport University

"All done in color with lovely pictures on every page. Enjoyable reading for adult and child alike."      Grace Facey, ed., The Boston Snorter, BTClub of Canada

"Mickey's book is delightful and charming, and beautifully photographed. I found myself reading aloud to friends, and I must confess, to my dogs."      Linda Trader, BTCA Rescue

"We are proud to be affiliated with Mickey and highly recommend A Boston's World."      Kelly Pankatz, BT Rescue Net,(Canada)

"A must for all boston Fanciers."      Tania Colquhoun, ed., Chit Chat, B T Club of New Zealand

"The greatest Boston Terrier book of all time."      Joseph Gutowski of

"This heartwarming, flashy (lots of delightful photographs), compact book if for kids, seniors, and all in's an easy read for the eye, and a soothing read for the soul."      Mallory Finger, (New York)

"A Boston's World is for dogs lovers and others, as well. You will treasure this little volume."      Kathy Seifert, (Maryland)
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