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Got their pawtographed copies of LapDog Therapy in Lynchburg
Winnie and I had a grand time on a recent trip to Lynchburg where we visited Randolph Macon Womanís College (which Mom attended many years ago) and Westminster Canterbury.  This venture was a LapDog Therapy book-promotion trip in which we made two PowerPoint presentations about therapy dogs and met lots of new people.  Our hometown friend, Nancy Shearer Northam ( Ď46) was our driver/navigator and a delightful travel companion for the weekend.
Westminster CanterburyWestminster Canterbury Lynchburg
Our first stop was Westminster Canterbury where Dr. William F. Quillian welcomed us warmly and showed us around.  Dr. William F. Quillian was president of RMWC when Mom was a studentDr. Quillian was president of RMWC when Mom was a student, and he now lives at Westminster Canterbury with Mrs. Quillian.  Also Denise Scruggs, Activities Director and Programs Manager, helped us get the lay of the land and introduced us to some dog-lover residents.  RMWC receptionist Caroline GoochWhen dinner time came along, Winnie and I  helped at the front entrance desk.  Actually, we couldnít have gone in the dining room anyhow because dogs simply arenít allowed there and we thought weíd try to be useful in one way or another.  It was fun to see the surprised looks on peopleís faces when they spied two little canines at the reception desk.
Mrs. Lurline Bond
Mickey and Winnie, Therapy Dogs.Lots of residents came to the Commons Room after dinner that evening to meet us and to learn about therapy dogs in our PowerPoint presentation.  In this picture, Iím bringing Mrs. Lurline Bond up to date on a family friend from our home town.  Would you believe our next door Onancock neighbor happens to be one of Mrs. Bondís longtime friends?
Tour of Alumnae House and Lunch
(L to R) Nancy Northam, Mom, E. A. Mayo, Barbara Byrum
On Saturday morning, two of Momís classmates, E. A. Wilson Mayo from Hampden Sydney and Barbara Bynum Dyer from Danville met us for a tour of the campus and a look at the new Alumnae House which is named for Muriel Casey, beloved alumnae director, recently retired.  At lunch, we were joined by two other l956 classmates, Mary Coleman Tweedy from Rustburg and Jean Nooe Miller from Swoope, as well as Lynchburgers RMWC Main Hall Sally Ware, Annie Massie, Lynn Lewis, Karen Pollok and Dolly Cardwell.  Incidentally, Dolly made many of the arrangements for our weekend..
RMWC lightpost.
RMWC Bookshop
You can see the bookshop logo on the awning above Mrs. Northam and us.
I knew the bookshop was a cool place as soon as I poked my nose in the door and caught whiffs of bakery treats.  Upon entering, we were surrounded by book displays, toys and gifts galore plus a neat coffeeshop over on one side which was shooting out the tantalizing aromas.  The Bookshop had literally rolled out the red carpet for us in the center of the store where we talked about therapy dogs and pawtographed books.  Again we met lots of new people, all of whom were extremely cordial to us as were the bookshop employees.
We feel out the red carpet with Dolly Cardwell.
Lynn Lewis is head of the bookshop.
RMWC when Mom was there.Before leaving the Bookshop, Winnie and I caught sight of a picture on the front of the RMWC Alumnae Directory which shows what life was like a hundred years ago when Mom was a student.  Now we understand better what college life was like back then, I love the car in the illustration, and Winnie thinks it would be fun to swoosh around in the early 1900's dresses!
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