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My name is Elbo’s BKL Black Eyed Susan, but they call me Suzy for short.  I was born August 16, 2000.   I spent my happy puppy days in sunny California at the home of the Elbo Champions.   We played and chased and romped.  I had lots of fun playing with my canine family.  In the Elbo home we had lots of good food, tons of toys and all the love in the world.  I had two beautiful little puppies, which I love very much.   Champion Elbo’s Kool Character my son, and my daughter, Elbo’s Mix-X-N-Match.

At the age of three I decided I would like to play full time.  I became Lucille’s baby sister in August 2003.  Lucille and I had many happy days together.  We liked to walk together and throw our toys everywhere, then when we were tired we would snuggle together on our little couch and nap the day away.  We were more than “sisters” we were bestest friends.

Here are the things I like:
…taking walks and making new friends wherever I go.
…being a little merry sunshine always smiling, laughing
…being the life of the party.
…looking on the bright side of everything.
…toys that squeak and talk!
…spending a lot of time on my little velvet couch with my eyes closed in prayer and meditation.  (Of course I’m not sleeping!)
…to lie in patches of sunlight to ponder ways to make the whole world happy.  (Of course I’m not sleeping then either!)
…people, dogs, babies and little children.
…little girl tea parties because little girls drop lots of yummy stuff.
…cleaning up after tea parties.  (I’m willing to just jump right up on the table and work.)
…cookies, bones, treats, cookies, bones, treats, cookies, bones, treats, cookies, bones, treats

Here are things I don’t like:
… to “do” mornings.  I must have my beauty rest. (I will agree to get up if there is food involved, but I must go right back to bed.)
… rain, it gets my fur all wet and icky!  (I refuse to go out in the rain, ever for any reason ever!)
… walking too far, I just lie down and refuse to go.  (This is a very clever trick because I get carried every time)
…commercials or TV shows that have doorbell noises.  (I find this so confusing and upsetting)

I am excited to be a member of the Think Tank.
HAVE A BALL! Roll over the balls to see where they go.
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