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Miss Vita Whittome  ( c.v. )
Vita was born on Bull Run Mountain in Prince William County Va. on  Xmas, 1991. Her mother was a bull mastiff; some think that her father might have been a German  Shepard or a collie, but no one - perhaps not even her mother -- is exactly certain.

Vita joined the Whittome Household in Loudoun County in February, 1992 -- one day after Dummy Whittome arrived from BROOD -- and after her original parents reluctantly decided to give her up. So, in a manner of speeking, Dummy and Vita were twins. They had many adventures together, and it is appropriate that she follow in his footsteps.

After frequently holidays in Northhampton County, Vita moved permanently to Accomac in the spring of l998.

Vita was born the  perfect lady:  wise, gentle, the peace maker, and for unknown reasons, a good guardian. She announces visitors when they turn off the hard top road mile away, and keeps evil doers away,  without ever doing anything evil. Despite major talent, including an exceptional nose, her formal education has been neglected. Her interests run to cooking, bus duties, and long walks. She also follows recent events closely, especially canines in the news, as well as the history channel;  when in the car is a devotee of books on tape. 

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