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I was born in Kent, Ohio but actually left home when I was just two months old. On that memorable day, I flew to BWI where Jodi Ghaster of Crownsville, Maryland, met me. Jodi took me to her house for the night, and the next morning, she introduced me to my new dog friend, Mickey, and his family who drove up to Crownsville from the Eastern Shore of Virginia to take me to my new home with them. Upon meeting them, I knew good things were in store. Mickey was a delightful fellow and fun to be with­bright, playful, and thoughtful, and I could tell right away that Anne and Floyd Nock were true dog lovers.

I'm always the first to answer the front door when Mom or someone else comes in. My hearing seems to be a fraction better than Mickey's because I often hear a sound that needs to be investigated before he does. I like to keep an eye on my mom as she moves around the house from place to place during the day, so I don't usually have time for as many naps as Mickey fits in. I'm especially good at leash walking, and I enjoy walks any time of the day or night..  When my human toddler-cousin, Alice, was just learning toddling, she wanted to lead me around on a leash. Mickey told me I was wonderful in the way I stayed right beside her, waited patiently when she fell down, and went where she wanted me to go when she regained her balance. Alice is a big girl now, but she and I still like to go for walks whenever we're together. I'm just starting to teach Julie, her little 2-year-old sister, how to walk a dog.

Everybody says I've turned out well in all areas except one--I don't generally like other dogs except for Mickey and a close dog friend, Momma, who doesn't take any foolishness from me. The truth is that I feel threatened by most other dogs. In fact, I've been known to attack dogs of any size, even an Irish Wolfhound who walked over toward me too close in the 2001 Christmas parade. This explains why I especially enjoy Mickey's think tank board affiliation where I am an accepted member of a respected canine group via the internet without having to meet, nose-to-nose.

My favorite past-time is therapy-dogging at a nearby retirement home.  As licensed therapy dogs with Therapy Dogs International, Mickey and I make rounds at least one morning a week at the Hermitage, a Continuing Care Community. The residents there, or most of them, are always happy to see us which makes me feel good all over!  Mickey is working on a book, now, explaining what a therapy dog actually does.  Believe me--we hope it will be published soon because we hope and think it will encourage lots of other dogs to learn how to be therapy dogs. Meanwhile, if you should want to know more about Mickey or me, get a copy of Mickey's first book, A BOSTON'S WORLD.  Although writing isn't my thing, I wrote three pages in A BOSTON'S WORLD (SBN 1-879295-27-x).

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