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My name is Winston Dreyfus and I was born on September 3, 1996. I originally lived in the United States, near Philadelphia,  with a great family, but when I was three years old they could no longer keep me. Still, they wanted a good life for me, so they chose a new family for me up north in Canada. My new humans drove down to pick me up, and when I got to my new home I was very surprised to find that I was no longer an only-Boston; I had two Boston sisters to play with!
Now, there was a bit of an adjustment period, I'll admit. My mom calls me "high-strung", since I tend to get a little carried away at times. Plus, I'm a big boy for a Boston (almost 30 lbs) yet over time the girls have put me in my place. Although I'm no longer alpha dog (somehow my 10 lb. Boston sister Zoe claimed that position) I wouldn't trade having Boston playmates for anything. I have even learned how to play with my 20 lb. sister Zelda without being too rough.
I also have 2 Boston "cousins" living nearby, so with a full toy box and my own real fire hydrant in the fenced-in yard, I think I have it pretty great. Plus, of course, there's all of you, my internet friends! If you ever need a Canadian perspective on things, just let me know. I'll be able to "translate" for my Canadian family!!
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